**Payments and Cancellation Policy for Ishan Domains Private Limited**


Effective Date: 07/30/2023


**1. Payments:**


1.1 Payment Methods:

Ishan Domains Private Limited accepts various payment methods, including but not limited to credit cards, debit cards, online bank transfers, and electronic wallets. The available payment methods will be displayed on our website during the checkout process.


1.2 Payment Terms:

For domain registration, web hosting, and other services offered by Ishan Domains Private Limited, payment must be made in full at the time of purchase, unless otherwise specified in writing. Any applicable taxes and fees will be included in the total amount due.


1.3 Renewals and Subscriptions:

For subscription-based services or domain renewals, the customer will be billed automatically at the end of each subscription period unless they choose to cancel the service in accordance with our cancellation policy (see section 2). Customers are responsible for ensuring their payment information is accurate and up to date.


1.4 Currency:

All prices and transactions on the Ishan Domains Private Limited website are in the currency specified on the website, unless otherwise stated.


**2. Cancellation Policy:**


2.1 Cancellation by the Customer:

Customers may request cancellation of their services at any time by contacting Ishan Domains Private Limited through the appropriate channels as specified on our website. Depending on the service, different cancellation policies may apply:


2.1.1 Domain Registration:

Domain registration services are non-refundable once the domain has been registered. Customers can, however, choose not to renew the domain at the end of its registration period.


2.1.2 Web Hosting and other Services:

Customers may cancel their web hosting or other services by providing advance notice to Ishan Domains Private Limited as specified in the service agreement. In such cases, the customer may not be eligible for a pro-rata refund for any remaining unused service period.


2.2 Cancellation by Ishan Domains Private Limited:

Ishan Domains Private Limited reserves the right to cancel or suspend services in the following situations:


2.2.1 Non-payment:

If the customer fails to make payment for the services, Ishan Domains Private Limited may suspend or terminate the service.


2.2.2 Violation of Terms:

If the customer violates the terms and conditions or acceptable use policy of the services, Ishan Domains Private Limited may cancel or suspend the service.


2.2.3 Legal or Regulatory Requirements:

Ishan Domains Private Limited may be required to cancel or suspend services due to legal or regulatory requirements.


2.3 Refunds:

Refunds, if applicable, will be processed in accordance with the cancellation policy mentioned above and will be made using the original payment method. Processing times for refunds may vary depending on the payment method and financial institution.


**3. Amendments:**


Ishan Domains Private Limited reserves the right to amend or modify this Payments and Cancellation Policy at any time without prior notice. The most current version of the policy will be available on our website, and the revised date will be updated accordingly.


By using Ishan Domains Private Limited's services, customers agree to comply with the terms and conditions outlined in this Payments and Cancellation Policy.


For any questions or clarifications regarding this policy, customers are encouraged to contact our customer support team through the contact information provided on our website.


[End of Policy]